What are people saying about us?

“I’m sold, I’m addicted. Already feel better mentally and physically.  Stamina, flexibility, strength, and power have definitely improved.”   Dan A. 

"I have really enjoyed my experience this far!  Josh is extremely knowledgable and encouraging.  I am so excited that I will be doing this for at least a year with you guys!"  Miranda M.

“You made everyone, from beginner to veteran crossfitter, feel welcomed and at ease right from the start.  Your background, experience and enthusiasm for teaching the principles of CrossFit was immediately apparent and your ability to lead challenging (yet self-paced) classes was one of the main reasons why I came back  to your box after the first class.”  Steve V.

“The coaches were involved in all the moves making sure that no one was injuring themselves.  They were helpful and encouraging.” Mona N.

“Josh and Craig were very helpful and made me excited to get started. Workout was intense. Loved it.”  Kris T.

“My first impression of the facility was “here’s a gym that’s clean and doesn't have any junk laying around, and it smells good too.” In regards to the staff, I took an instant liking to Craig and Josh, both have a sincere interest in the members and work very hard to make Silver Star the gym I’m interested in” David B.

“Loved the workouts! Love the group atmosphere.  My 2nd home.” Murphy

“The workouts are well planned and offer a good variety of balanced, full body workouts. Despite some of the larger classes, I still get what feels like one-on-one training.  The instruction on proper form is invaluable. “  Steve V.

“The owners are awesomely nice and welcoming.  The workouts are awesome. I really appreciate the time taken to teach technique and not focus on weight or reps for the beginners.”  Susan R.

“I like the workouts, most are very challenging. I also like that I’m able to find or am offered a work around to accommodate my limitations. There’s always encouragement from the staff during and after the workout. After only two months, I’m starting to make gains in strength and technical ability.” David B.

"Great atmosphere to get a good workout. Very knowledgable staff!"  

- Kevin B.

"These guys are great! They keep me comin back."  

- James L. 

"Lost 2 inches off my waist in 2 months and love the community they have."

- Erick J.

"The atmosphere and staff was encouraging. Not like ordinary gym. The classes are customized to the ability of the student. If you can't do a specific move, another is suggested. Anyone of any age or fitness level should join."